InterBel has a direct link on our home page called LocalSolution.com and it works for Eureka and all the USA. Give it a try, you’ll be amazed how quick you can find phone numbers and addresses for “People” and “Businesses” (be sure to select People or Business before you search).

When searching the InterBel Directory for people, you only need to search on the last name. Outside of InterBel’s service area will require entering the first and last names.


NEW PHONE BOOKS – The InterBel phone book directories will be in the mail next week (April 8th). We’d like to congratulate our photo contest winner, Ian Matthews, for his beautiful shot of Lake Koocanusa.

We would like to thank everyone who entered the contest!

It was especially hard to select a winner this year, having had over a hundred entries of our beautiful Valley from every season, January through December!!


Looking for a schedule of local events? - Our friends at visitNWmontana.com have a great calendar of events that they keep very up to date. Its a great way to learn about all the fun things going on in the Eureka area! - CLICK HERE and enjoy!

They also have a helpful directory of local businesses both small and large including InterBel! - Its a great way to learn about the many retail stores and services offered in the Tobacco Valley! 

Along with their schedule of events, & business directory you will find current stories and history concerning the Tobacco Valley - Great Job all, we are proud to be members!  


UPDATE - 5/9/16 - We are on the home-stretch with our FCC being approved/disapproved. Should be this month! (May 2016)

To view our FCC DMA Petition CLICK HERE 

OUR PROBLEM: Lincoln County is currently in the Spokane DMA (Designated Market Area), as regulated by the FCC. This means, the Big-4 networks (ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX) available to us via “cable or satellite” television are the “Spokane” channels and in a different time-zone.

THE HISTORY: The Spokane DMA assignment was originally established in the 1950’s and is outdated today, given our much closer association with Kalispell and Missoula DMA. Montana customers should have a first priority of watching Montana channels and not have Spokane forced upon us.




Looking for some tips on how to better use FACEBOOK? - Click Here for a great website, they list there top ten most popular tips to help you, get the most out of this social media tool. 

WIFI Router Security

There are a number of reasons why you should secure your own private network if you have a wireless router installed at home or work. CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on “how to” set it up and get protected. These instructions are specific to InterBel’s provided Wi-Fi Router made by Comtrend.

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