Two STATE TITLES in the same School Year! - Congratulations to the EUREKA LIONS WRESTLING TEAM! - Lead by Coach Danny Lemer the Lions on Saturday won their first state wrestling title, with a team score of 198 winning the 2017 State Championship for Class B/C Schools.

The wrestling title comes the same year as the first title for our Lions Football team as well. We had one individual champion with junior Garrett Graves, the quarterback who threw the game-winning Hail Mary to give the Lions the Class B football title back in November.

The entire Eureka area is so proud of all involved, wrestling involves so much personal dedication and hard work and its awesome to see it pay off. Here is a link to some video highlights at 406 MT SPORTS - Congratulations to all!



Our "SMART HUB" Now features a Internet Data usage link to better help you keep track of the amount of data used on your Broadband Package. If you already have your account setup for the Smart Hub simply CLICK HERE to log in. Once you have logged in you will notice to the left a link called "View Usage". This will show you the amount of data used (here is a example).

To learn more including how to set up "Smart Hub" for a first time user, follow the link below.


 The EUREKA WEBCAM is BACK and its LIVE! - Help us spread the word that eurekawebcam.com is back, which allows us to show off our Downtown and the surrounding area. We are currently working on some NEW designs for our websites and we are proud to have the new camera up and running!



The Montana Telecommunications Association has put together a great website called www.broadbandMT.com that is filled with information on the state of Broadband in Montana.

"...70 percent of InterBel Telephone Cooperative's members
will have fiber installed to the premise by the end of 2016.
Co-op members with a serious need for speed
will be able to subscribe to a gigabit service package".
- Montana Telecommunications Association  

The website has maps and stats, as well as a 2016 State of Rural Broadband in Montana in a PDF format.

Below you will find a great video that helps explain some of the issues facing Montana with its sparse population and vast open spaces, which bring unique challenges that come in building a robust future proof telecommunications network. This video helps one learn the scope of that challenge and what is being done to address it.

To learn more about Broadband in Montana, please visit www.broadbandMT.com - We may be divided by distance, but we are connected by technology!


After 4+ years, 800 signatures and 2 petitions filed at the FCC…… WE GOT APPROVED IN-FULL by the FCC on August 15, 2016! Click Here for the FCC Approval Document.

Our Cable TV service is no longer assigned to the Spokane DMA, our local networks are now considered to be under the Missoula DMA. Thanks to everyone who wrote letters to our Congressional Representatives in Washington DC, including Senator Tester, Senator Daines, Congressman Zinke (and in prior years, Senator Baucus and Congressman Rehberg)

Our work is not done however, what we have left is to get the same assignment to satellite customers (Direct TV and DISH). It will require another petition filing at the FCC but things should go smoother given our BIG win on the Cable TV side.

We’ll keep you posted as things progress!!



 InterBel has a direct link on our home page called LocalSolution.com and it works for Eureka and all the USA. Give it a try, you’ll be amazed how quick you can find phone numbers and addresses for “People” and “Businesses” (be sure to select People or Business before you search).

When searching the InterBel Directory for people, you only need to search on the last name. Outside of InterBel’s service area will require entering the first and last names.



Looking for a schedule of local events? - Our friends at visitNWmontana.com have a great calendar of events that they keep very up to date. Its a great way to learn about all the fun things going on in the Eureka area! - CLICK HERE and enjoy!

They also have a helpful directory of local businesses both small and large including InterBel! - Its a great way to learn about the many retail stores and services offered in the Tobacco Valley! 

Along with their schedule of events, & business directory you will find current stories and history concerning the Tobacco Valley - Great Job all, we are proud to be members!  



Looking for some tips on how to better use FACEBOOK? - Click Here for a great website, they list there top ten most popular tips to help you, get the most out of this social media tool. 


WIFI Router Security

There are a number of reasons why you should secure your own private network if you have a wireless router installed at home or work. CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on “how to” set it up and get protected. These instructions are specific to InterBel’s provided Wi-Fi Router made by Comtrend.

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