Traditional Land Line services with several customization options keeping you connected!

Starting at $28.60/mo.

Let InterBel keep your Business connected with Business class phone service! Single and Mulit-Line options available.

Single Line starting at $33.60/mo.
Multi Line starting at $36.30/mo.

Voice Mail

With InterBel Voice Mail never miss another phone call! InterBel Voice Mail.  It even answers calls while you’re busy talking on the phone — that’s one thing you won’t get from an answering machine!

Call Waiting

Call Waiting lets you know when another party is trying to reach your number. With this service, you can relax knowing that when the important call that you are expecting sometime during the evening is made, it will get through.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding allows you to forward calls to another number. This service must be activated from the residential or business telephone number assigned to the feature. Upon activation, All calls will forward to the new number.

Speed Calling

Speed calling gives you the ability to have up to 30 telephone numbers that you call frequently that are stored in your phone system so that each number can be dialed at the touch of one or two buttons.

3-Way Calling

Three way calling gives you the ability to communicate with more than one person at a time.  While in conversation, easily add another party to the line to have a more in-depth discussion with all parties involved.

Caller ID

How many times have you answered the telephone and wished that you had known who was on the line before you picked it up? Caller ID makes it easy to decide whether or not to pick up the phone when it rings.

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