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UPDATED Aug 15th 2018

Here is a helpful link for information concerning the local area fires CLICK HERE

More information can be found below regarding the area fires and the areas that are closed due to the fires.

We will ad more links as we find them to help keep residents and visitors informed. All our best to the many folks fighting the fires, you are in our thoughts and prayers!  


Family Shield - Peace of Mind!

InterBel wants to help keep you family protected from undesirable internet content.  This can be done simply with our Family Shield service.  Stop by the office to watch a 3-minute video highlighting just how easy it can be done.  New customers get a Free 30-Day trial!

Everyone who stops by and watches the video can enter to win a 1-Year subscription of InterBel Family Shield (hardware included)!


InterBel Family Shield puts you back in control of the Internet in your home! - Visit to learn more about this great new service with both family & business editions.


InterBel offers a new free service known as Robo-Call Blocker. - Works great and will nearly put an end to all Robo-Calls ringing to your home or business.

If you’re interested, call InterBel Customer Service at 889-3311 and give it a try. It’s free (no set-up or monthly charge and you can cancel anytime). NOTE: It only works with InterBel “landline service” and has no effect on your cell phone number.


The EUREKA WEBCAM is BACK and its LIVE! - Help us spread the word that is back, which allows us to show off our Downtown and the surrounding area. - We also now feature the BLACKBUTTE WEBCAM! It features amazing views of the surrounding area including beautiful Lake Koocanusa! - visit it at





The Montana Telecommunications Association has put together a great website called that is filled with information on the state of Broadband in Montana.

"...70 percent of InterBel Telephone Cooperative's members
will have fiber installed to the premise by the end of 2016.
Co-op members with a serious need for speed
will be able to subscribe to a gigabit service package".
- Montana Telecommunications Association  

The website has maps and stats, as well as a 2016 State of Rural Broadband in Montana in a PDF format.

Below you will find a great video that helps explain some of the issues facing Montana with its sparse population and vast open spaces, which bring unique challenges that come in building a robust future proof telecommunications network. This video helps one learn the scope of that challenge and what is being done to address it.

To learn more about Broadband in Montana, please visit - We may be divided by distance, but we are connected by technology!

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